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Mother's Day Around the World

Mother's Day Around the World

May 01 2019

Mother’s Day became an official holiday in the United States in 1914. While much of the Americas and Europe celebrate Mother’s Day in May, in other parts of the world, a similar holiday is celebrated at other times of the year and takes other forms. What seems to be universal is the enthusiasm about celebrating the many things mothers do for us.

All Year Long
During every month of the year except July and September, somewhere in the world, mothers are being formally recognized. Norway celebrates on the second Sunday in February. Argentina’s Dia de la Madre is celebrated on the third Sunday of October. Indonesia and Panama celebrate Mom in November. In Africa and the Middle East, March is the time for honoring mothers. Costa Rica and Thailand celebrate in August. The calendar is packed with ways to honor mom. But of course, we all know that any day of the year is a good day
to say, “Thanks, Mom!”

Many Ways of Showing Gratitude
In the United States, popular ways to show our thanks include spending quality time, giving gifts and eating meals out at restaurants. Across the world, there are many traditions for Mother’s Day that reflect local culture.

In Mexico, for example, in addition to gifts and spending time with mom, it is common to see
mariachi singers serenading mom with the song, ““Las Mananitas,” according to Time Magazine. The lyrics: “Awaken, my dear, awaken and see that the day has dawned. Now the little birds are singing and the moon has set.”

In Thailand, the holiday is celebrated on Aug. 12 and also marks the birthday of Queen Sirikit.
Ceremonies and parades are held and jasmine is a common gift, according to Time.

In Brazil, Mother’s Day celebrations in May include children’s performances and church gatherings, often including multi-generational barbecues, according to

In Japan and Australia, carnations are commonly given as gifts, and Australians also involve aunts and grandmothers in their remembrances.

In Peru, people often socialize over food and drinks in cemeteries, where they clean and decorate the graves of mothers, according to the blog Peru for Less.

In Ethiopa, Mother’s Day is celebrated as part of a three-day festival at the end of the fall rainy season. According to, daughters traditionally contribute vegetables, butter, spices and cheese to a celebratory feast, and sons bring meat, such as lamb or bull.

In Serbia, mothers are celebrated in December in a tradition called Materice, along with a Children’s Day and Father’s Day, which occur on three consecutive Sundays. The gifts exchanged are part of Christmas celebrations.

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Square Foot Gardening with Kids – Classroom in the Garden

May 22 2019

10 – 11:30am Construct a Square Foot Garden for a child. The class size is limited to 12 individuals. $5.00 per individual. Pre-Registration is required along with the non-refundable class fee. Pre-register at www.


May 23 2019

11:00 am - 2:00 pm Join us for fun and games at the Pine Castle Woman’s Club, 5901 S. Orange Ave., Orlando. Bring yourself or come with friends, cards and board games, and brown bag lunch and beverage. All are welcome; suggested donation $5 per person. For further information call 407- 852-1728.

National Poppy Day

May 24 2019

Ends in 4 days

Honor our fallen warriors and contribute to the continuing needs of our veterans on National Poppy Day®, Friday May 24th & Saturday May 25th from 9 am – 5 pm at Navy Exchange, 8717 Ave C and Clemons Produce, 3325 Curryford Road, when members of American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Unit #286 distribute bright red poppies in exchange for a donation. The Flanders Fields poppy has become an internationally known and recognized symbol of the lives sacrificed in war and the hope that none died in vain. The American Legion Family has called upon Congress to proclaim the Friday before Memorial Day as National Poppy Day.

May Flowers

May 30 2019

Herndon Branch @ 10:30 a.m. Listen to stories and engage in hands-on science activities to learn about flowers and plants.

The Enchanted Fairy Door exhibit is back at Leu Gardens

Jun 01 2019

Ends in 4 months

Admission to the Enchanted Fairy Doors Exhibit is included in the daytime garden admission: $10 adult, $5 child (ages 4 – 17 years). Leu Gardens’ Members and all children 3 years of age and under receive free admission. Leu Gardens is located at 1920 North Forest Avenue. Visit or call 407.246.2620 for more information.

STEM Summer Camp

Jun 03 2019

Ends in 17 days

8:00-12:00 Participants will take part in hands-on activities that make STEM concepts fun. Campers will build electrical circuit game boards, explore coding, design bristle bots, and learn how to turn fruit into a video game controller. Registration is first-come, first-served and is limited to 25 youth. Cost: $75.00 includes snack, T-shirt and all program materials

Healthy Kids Summer Camp

Jun 24 2019

Ends in about 1 month

8:00 to 12:00 Participants will engage in hands-on activities that encourage healthy living through gardening, good nutrition, physical activity, and an appreciation of the natural world around us. Registration is first-come, firstserved and is limited to 25 youth. Cost: $75.00 includes snack and all program materials.