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Lake Conway Christmas Boat Parades

Lake Conway Christmas Boat Parades

December 01 2017

The Lake Conway boat parade is a tradition that dates back almost 32 years. The first parade had 4 participating boats and dates back to 1985. It has been held annually for the past 18 years. Last year 175 boats entered the two day event on Little Lake Conway and North Lake.

This year, South Lake is going to make it official ... a Christmas Boat Parade for thos on the South Lake: their own night ... their own parade!

Decorate your boat and join the parade!

South Lake
Fri, Dec 15th

Friday, December 15th will kick off the weekend of 3 Lake Conway boat parades. Parade starts at 8:00 PM at the South side of the Nela Bridge. Save the date! Start planning your backyard watch party.

Middle Lake Sat, Dec 16th
2016 brought nearly 75 boats to their parade. Many on the south shore of the middle lake have expressed a wish to have the parade pass by their homes. Parade starts at 7:00 PM at the Sand Bar (SE Corner of Middle Lake).

North Lake
Sun, Dec 17th, 2017
Lake Conway's classic boat parade. This is a longstanding tradition in Belle Isle, with more than a hundred boats. The parade starts at 7:30 PM at 'the Point' on (North) Little Lake Conway.

Visit to keep abreast of parade news.

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