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Heroes Honored for Saving Man's Life

Heroes Honored for Saving Man's Life

March 23 2015

On February 19, as a part of the Orange County Fire Department’s participation in the American HeartAssociation’s National Heart Month, Orange County Fire Rescue presented Lifesaving Awards and Lifesaving
Award uniform pins to five crew members at Station 72 for their dedicated efforts that resultedin saving the life of a pulse-less patient who suffered a heart attack on Jan. 5, 2015.

That day, following a 911 call, the “A Shift” crew from Station 72
responded to an unresponsive patient in the City of Belle Isle. Firefighter/
paramedics performed CPR for more than 20 minutes on scene, where
the patient remained pulse-less. They loaded the patient onto the rescue
unit where they used a 12-lead electrocardiogram report to diagnose him
as having a heart attack. They continued to perform advanced cardiac life
support measures which finally returned a pulse. Upon arrival to Orlando
Regional Medical Center, the patient was moved to a heart catheterization
lab, where doctors opened the clogged arteries of the heart. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Orange County District 3 Commissioner, Pete Clarke, along with
Associate EMS Medical Director for Salvatore Silvestri joined Fire Chief
Otto Drozd III in recognizing the crew for their phenomenal achievement.
Belle Isle Vice Mayor Lydia Pisano attended as well. Best of all, the patient,
along with his wife and several friends were on hand. The patient, Dale
Horton, expressed his deepest gratitude and spoke to the media about his
experience and remarkable recovery.

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