Conway History

The following is a compilation of past articles in the Conway News. The articles focus on the history of the Conway area.


Ken Ursic 2013-07-11

While much has been written about the history of Orange County, Orlando, Pine Castle, Belle Isle etc., almost nothing has been written specifically about the history of the Conway area. My research has provided a wealth of information about the area. I hope you will enjoy the journey into the past as much as I have.

The earliest document about our area, dated in 1843, was found in the field notes of B. F. Whitner, Deputy Surveyor for the territory of Florida. Whitner was contracted to survey parts of Central Florida. His notes indicated that he surveyed the area around Lake Conway between May 10 and May 19, 1843.

Next month: First settlers to the area, where did the name Conway come from and who is responsible for naming the area?